Ken Krayeske photo
Coach Jim Calhoun (Ken Krayeske photo)

Questions about the exchange between University of Connecticut men’s basketball Coach Jim Calhoun and reporter Ken Krayeske over the coach’s $1.6 million state salary have been answered by the Office of Legislative Research.

To recap, Calhoun said he wouldn’t give back a “dime” to the state as it weathers a budget deficit of more than $8 billion. Calhoun said the basketball program brings in much more than his salary.

“We bring in $12 million to the university every year,” Calhoun said back in February. “Get some facts and come back and see me then.”

As a result, the Office of Legislative Research was asked by a legislator to do just that.

An OLR report found that the men’s basketball program brought in more than $14 million in 2008 and spent about $ 7.8 million for net revenues of about $6.27 million. The report also mentions that the graduation rate of players is about 33 percent.

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