University of Connecticut students hope their responses to a survey on possible tuition increases influence next week’s board of trustees decision.

The trustees will meet Tuesday, March 10, to discuss issues including budget cuts and tuition hikes.

UConn students were asked last month to participate in an online tuition survey. The poll asked students to pick one of four options they would like to see implemented at the university. The options included different percentages of tuition increases per semester and the number of layoffs and program cuts the school could potentially make.

According to the survey’s results sent via e-mail from Undergraduate Student Government’s President Meredith Zaritheny, 17,700 students voted for Option C out of the 18,800 who responded to the survey. Option C is endorsed by UConn’s President Michael J. Hogan, as well.

Option C would increase tuition 8.67 percent, which comes to an additional $624 more each semester for in-state students. Option C would still probably result in 80 to 100 layoffs at the university. If the trustees were to pick Option C, no cuts to financial aid would be made and more programs and services would be saved.

Zaritheny said although the survey is not perfectly accurate or scientific, she will be attending next week’s trustees meeting and making the Option C recommendation to the board based on what the students’ choice and what her constituents and other student senators discussed.

“I hope the board is receptive to what the students put forward,” Zaritheny said. “I’m not really sure if they will lean to Option C.”

Exactly how the trustees will vote is difficult to gauge, Zaritheny said.

It also is unfortunate that the trustees meeting falls during UConn’s spring break, Zaritheny said.

“It significantly reduces the amount of students in attendance,” Zaritheny said.

Zaritheny said she doesn’t know what’s best for the university, but she trusts Hogan’s opinion and the board to make the right decision.