Photo courtesy of the House Democrats
Rep. Bryan Hurlburt (Photo courtesy of the House Democrats)

Good news may be in store for Connecticut deer hunters. State Rep. Bryan Hurlburt has proposed an idea that would grant hunters two extra deer tags if they agree to donate their extra kill to homeless shelter.

Hurlburt represents rural districts that include Ashford, Tolland and Willington. He knows there are many sportsmen in the area and believes his proposal is a “win-win situation” for both the state and hunters.

Hurlburt’s idea was proposed during last session’s General Assembly and Hurlburt decided to put it forward yet again.

Hurlburt said the proposal has been greeted with some restraint but is aware there are many merits to his idea. 

“It’s something that can make the state of Connecticut better,” Hurlburt said.

There are still many glitches to the proposal that need to be worked out, including relying on a hunter’s word about donating the meat to a shelter or half way home.

“I hope sportsmen would obey the agreement. We’ll have to try and make sure the DEP [Department of Environmental Protection] regulates this,” Hurlburt said, referring to how hunters will have to keep their promise to donate the deer meat. “It’s still early [in session]. There’s always some problems but we’ll work on them.”

Venison doesn’t exactly taste like chicken, but Hurlburt doesn’t think people will dislike the game meat. Hurlburt’s father-in-law is a deer hunter and he has been fortunate to eat some venison.

“It’s not very much of an acquired taste,” Hurlburt said, who enjoyed some venison stew Wednesday evening. “There are multiple things to do with it. I think it’s pretty good tasting.”