Christine Stuart file photo

As promised in February 2007, the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority will be closing the Hartford Landfill today.

From this day forward, CRRA’s Mid-Connecticut Project will ship ash from its waste-to-energy plant to a privately owned ash landfill in Putnam and waste that can’t be burned and turned into electricity to a privately-owned landfill in Chicopee, Mass. The additional costs for shipping and disposing of ash and waste are expected to cost about $70 million through the end of the Project in 2012, so closing the Hartford landfill will cost a total of about $115 million.

Hartford residents, who have been able to drop off their bulky waste at the landfill, may have bulky waste picked up by their current waste hauler or drop it off at the temporary drop-off location at 40 Jennings Road starting on January 26, 2009.