Christine Stuart photo

(Updated 4:30 p.m.) As the General Assembly gathered Monday to debate what to do about the state’s $300 million budget deficit in a special session, editor Christine Stuart was greeted by a Fed-Ex delivery man in the Capitol Press Room.

The delivery man asked her to sign for a package from the Secretary of State’s office. Inside the package was the annual 2008 State Register and Manual, which lists all the elected officials in the state. The press office receives copies of this book every year. However, they aren’t usually delivered by Fed-Ex since one of the Secretary of State’s offices is just four floors below the Capitol Press Room and the other one is across the street.

Let’s just say it left us scratching our head.

Av Harris, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz’s spokesman, said Monday afternoon that two copies of the manuals were inadvertently shipped to the Capitol Press Room and that the office apologizes to the taxpayers of Connecticut for its error.