WNPR file photo
Republican Chairman Chris Healy (WNPR file photo)

Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy sent this letter to Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz Friday afternoon asking her to delay the certification of Tuesday’s vote because he fears the results in some close races may not be accurate.

Especially in races where candidates were cross-endorsed by other party’s like the Working Families Party.

Using an example from the 62nd District were 18 year incumbent Rep. Richard Ferrari, R-East Granby, was ousted by political newcomer Annie Hornish, Healy said he is concerned about “how easy it is to incorrectly double count votes for cross-endorsed candidates.”

Hornish ran as a Democrat but was also endorsed by the Working Families Party, so her name appeared twice on the ballot. In East Granby the moderator mistakenly counted the votes from the Working Families Party twice. “Fortunately, this error was caught in time for the moderator to amend his return,” Healy said.

However, “My concern is that the confusing and misleading instructions on the return make it likely that this error could occur in every race where there is a cross-endorsed candidate,” Healy added.

In an emailed statement sent Friday evening Bysiewicz said she will not certify the results from Nov. 4 until Nov. 26.

As for the rest of Healy’s concerns. Bysiewicz said his account of what happened in East Granby is accurate. “Chairman Healy stated correctly in his letter and his news release that what happened in East Granby was a simple human addition error on election night that was quickly found and corrected the next morning,” she said.

“The instructions on how to calculate votes for cross-endorsed candidates are very clear and were followed correctly for every municipality in the state in the General Election of 2008,” she added.

As for the rest of Healy’s concerns, Bysiewicz said it’s not her office that deals with them.

“As Chairman Healy surely knows, my office does not investigate any potential election irregularities. The investigative body for any election related questions is the SEEC, the State Elections Enforcement Commission.”