While many Connecticut voters may know how they will vote for president, many may not have made up their mind yet when it comes to candidates further down on the ticket.

It would be impossible for us to cover every General Assembly race in the state, however, we would like to point voters to some Web sites that may be helpful in getting to know their state legislators a little better.

Election Volunteers: a unique Web site in that it has compiled the voting records of incumbent legislators on at least six issues it felt were important. It has also listed endorsements of several challengers.

Connecticut Citizens Action Group: a public advocacy group that seeks to promote social, economic, and environmental justice has also released a legislative scorecard.

The Everyday Republican: a Republican blog lets people know a about what races it thinks are competitive and gives readers some insight to what the party and its candidates are all about.

Connecticut Local Politics: a bipartisan blog that has some links to election maps and posts about a number of races.

My Left Nutmeg: a community blog dedicated to the left of the political spectrum. There are several posts about General Assembly races across the state.