This poll conducted by University of Connecticut and sponsored by the Hartford Courant found 50 percent of voters support a constitutional convention, while 39 percent oppose a convention and 11 percent remain undecided.

Amongst Republicans 54 percent support a convention and 31 oppose one, while 46 percent of Democrats support a convention and 43 percent oppose it, according to the poll of 502 voters conducted between Oct. 18 and Oct. 22.

Proponents of the convention have made ballot initiative the centerpiece of their campaign. The poll found that 65 percent support amending the constitution to include citizen initiative and only 44 percent support amending the constitution to prohibit eminent domain, while 51 percent oppose such a change. Those polled also opposed amending the constitution to ban gay marriage 55 percent to 41 percent.

According to Christine Kraus, associate director of the UConn Center for Survey Research and Analysis, “The Constitutional Convention question appears to be a referendum on the performance of the General Assembly. Connecticut residents unhappy with legislators in Hartford support holding a convention to amend the constitution, whereas those happy with the General Assembly oppose holding one.”

And despite their overall support for a constitutional convention many voters were unfamiliar with the process. The poll says only 35 percent understood that the state legislature determines how delegates will be selected to the convention.

The poll also found that only 5 percent knew the constitution could be amended by the state legislature.

“It is troubling to see so many Connecticut voters unfamiliar with a key ballot question. Hopefully, Nutmeggers will take the time to learn more about the convention process so that they can make an informed decision on Election Day,” Kraus said.

For more information on how the last convention was conducted, check out this report from the Office of Legislative Research. Note that the last convention’s delegates were selected through a special election.