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Afraid to go outside their homes for fear of being shot, three students from Hartford High School organized an anti-violence march Friday through the city’s north end with more than 50 of their classmates.

“This march is about caring and it’s also about anti-violence,” Ben Cruse, director of youth services for Leadership Greater Hartford, said as he welcomed the students to the North End Church of Christ on Albany Avenue.

“You can say you care, then not do anything about it,” he said. “True caring is getting up off the couch and doing something.”

And that’s just what Xiomara Colon, 16, Manny Morales, 18, and Naiomi Serrano, 18, did when they got their classmates, to join them at Friday’s march.

“The whole thing in Hartford is getting really bad,” Colon speaking about the violence, especially youth violence in the city, said.

A few months ago Colon went to go pick up her friend near the corner of Broad and Russ Streets. As she approached the corner, which is not far from the state Capitol, she could see a large group of kids fighting and then she heard gun shots.

“What if he was waiting on the corner?” Colon said as she touched Manny Morales’ arm.

Luckily Morales wasn’t waiting outside. Morales said it was very sad because he had gone to elementary school with the shooting victim.

Christine Stuart photo

Serrano who lives near Park Street said she hears her neighbors argue every night and no one does anything about it. She also worries about the