Christine Stuart photo
Cassandra Callaghan, left, and Charlotte Gordon, right (Christine Stuart photo)

Charlotte Gordon and Cassandra Callaghan, two PETA interns, showered mostly nude in Bushnell Park Thursday afternoon, as Colleen Higgins persuaded people to go vegetarian.

“The ladies are calling attention to the fact that it takes almost 5,000 gallons of water to make a pound of beef,” Higgins explained. “The best way to cut back on your shower usage is to skip a pound of meat.”

As the two interns showered, a couple people walking by joked “Don’t drop the soap.”

Bernie Winshell and his colleague heard about the shower protest on a radio show and decided to stop by and see it first-hand. Winshell said he’s not a vegetarian, but he doesn’t eat too much meat.

He wouldn’t say whether the shower scene would change his mind about purchasing meat in the future. “It’s a beautiful day,” he said avoiding the question. He said he just wanted to step out of the office for a short mental-health break.

Higgins, who sported a bikini made out of lettuce

It should be noted that the Center for Consumer Freedom strongly contests PETA’s numbers saying that it takes much less water to produce a pound of beef. Citing figures from the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, it says producing one pound of beef consumed a total of 435 gallons of water and that includes the water used in raising the cattle, plus everything involved in irrigating feed crops and processing the meat.

Higgins said Hartford was the last stop on their three week shower tour. Click here to read their shower archives.