Christine Stuart file photo
Senator Joseph I Lieberman (Christine Stuart file photo)

(Updated 12:45 p.m.) They can’t expel him from the Democratic party, but members of the Democratic State Central Committee are seeking to censure U.S Sen. Joseph I Lieberman, who won re-election in 2006 as an independent and recently spoke at the Republican National Convention on behalf of Republican presidential nominee, John McCain.

Audrey Blondin, a member of the Democratic State Central Committee who helped draft the resolution to censure Lieberman, said Wednesday that she wanted to express her “extreme displeasure” with Connecticut’s junior senator for speaking at the Republican National Convention.

“When you’re a Democrat, you’re a Democrat,” she said. She said Lieberman has the right to endorse whoever he wants, “but don’t do it as a Democrat.” She said she feels if Lieberman prides himself as an independent then he should register as one.

Below is a draft of the proposed resolution expected to be considered on Sept. 24 by the 72 members of the Democratic State Central Committee.

Resolution To Censure Joseph I. Lieberman

Whereas Joseph I. Lieberman sought re-election in 2006 as an independent after losing the Democratic primary; and
Whereas he has publicly endorsed and actively campaigned on behalf of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, among others; and
Whereas he has attended and addressed the Republican National Convention thereby undercutting the election campaigns of Democratic candidates all across America; and
Whereas support of right-wing Republicans cannot be reconciled with the ideals and values of the Democratic Party, nor with the best interests of the people of America; and
Whereas these actions exhibit extraordinary disloyalty to the countless Connecticut Democrats without whom his career as an elected official would never have been possible;
Therefore, be it hereby resolved, that we, the undersigned members of the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee, delegates to the Democratic National Convention from Connecticut, and Connecticut Democratic public officials publicly censure and repudiate the words and actions of Joseph I. Lieberman, and ask of him that he resign as a member of the Democratic Party of the state of Connecticut.