rosa02.jpgDenver—Connecticut’s lone female U.S. representative took center stage Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention, as delegates from the Nutmeg state (pictured) waved signs and cheered her on.

Introduced by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, New Haven’s Rosa DeLauro talked about an issue close to her heart: pay equality for women.

New Haven State Rep. Toni Walker and Debra Houser, a New Haven delegate, cheered at the top of their lungs with the rest of Connecticut’s delegation through all nine sentences of DeLauro’s speech.

DeLauro, whom Walker described as the second most powerful woman in the House of Representatives behind Pelosi, talked about the Paycheck Fairness Act she introduced 10 years ago.

Following is the complete text of DeLauro’s speech:

“I am Rosa DeLauro from the state of Connecticut.

“Shelly in Utah wrote to Barack Obama to tell him about the discrimination she faced in the corporate world. Ten years ago, because of stories like hers, I introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act. Every year, the Republican Congress blocked our bill. But after ten long years and a new Democratic Congress, we were successful. That doesn’t mean our work is done.

“The Supreme Court ended a woman’s right to challenge discrimination, and when Congress tried to change it, John McCain didn’t even bother to show up to vote. Barack Obama was there. He voted yes. As president, he will continue saying yes to equality for women because he knows that women can’t afford more of the same falling wages and income.”