IMG_1293.jpgBy Christine Stuart and Melissa Bailey
Denver—Nursing a convention hangover at a dizzying altitude, Connecticut delegates plugged into an oxygen tank to recharge for another day at the political carnival.

Seated at a bank of bubbling neon tanks in the lobby of her hotel, Ginny Fox (pictured) of Stamford revealed her secret to surviving the Democratic National Convention chaos. She was recovering from an after-hours bash at an Irish pub Tuesday night, following a delegate dinner and Hillary Clinton’s big speech. She didn’t get to bed until 2 a.m.

After more speeches at a state breakfast Wednesday morning, she bellied up to the Chill Out 2 Oxygen Bar in the lobby of the Marriott Denver Tech Center. She sat on her regular stool and got hooked up to the machine through tubes in her nose.

“I feel like I have a lot more life than last night,” Fox said, inhaling the flavored oxygen.

Fox is one of Connecticut’s 60 delegates. She’s also the mother of state Rep. Gerald Fox, D-Stamford.

IMG_1290.jpgShe was joined at the bar by fellow Stamford delegate Gloria DePina. DePina (at center in photo) said she was breathing it in because it’s supposed to promote weight loss. The two have been regular patrons at the spot this week.

DePina’s flavor of choice was apple.

The bar’s convention-themed menu also included a “Barack Attack” special costing $20 for 15 minutes. The treatments are a mix of 92 percent oxygen and assorted aromas. A 20-minute session is optimal, according to the tender of the tanks. Inhaling the substance is supposed to relieve altitude sickness in the Mile-High City. It’s supposed to heighten concentration, alertness, and memory—for the dozens of speeches that remain in the convention’s two final days.