The Democratic majority is still working out details for how to spend the $75 million budget surplus on energy assistance, but handouts from the Senate Democratic caucus show that for the first time those in the middle class may be getting some relief this winter.

According to this chart from the Senate Democrats it looks like a family of four making between $56,294 and $93,821 could receive up to 100 gallons of heating oil, which is the equivalent of about $380. These same families also qualify for the $500 rebate to upgrade their furnaces and a $225 rebate on an energy audit of their home, which usually costs about $300. The same chart shows that senior citizen couples making $21,000 a year could qualify for up to $2,760 or 425 gallons of oil, the $500 furnace rebate and $225 energy audit rebate.

There is also help for households that use electric or natural gas to heat their homes, but no specifics just yet.

The bill is also expected to included assistance for nonprofit social service agencies and schools.