Christine Stuart photo
Hartford youth unveil new billboard (Christine Stuart photo )

Hartford youth and city officials unveiled the second part of their “Throw it away! It’s the Right Thing To Do!,” anti-litter campaign Tuesday at City Hall.

The campaign which was kicked-off in April with a public service announcement will now include four billboards, two in English and two in Spanish.

The new billboards show a litterbug being caught red-handed and will be placed near city schools in the Upper Albany, Northeast, South End, and Southwest neighborhoods.

Mayor Eddie Perez said the anti-litter campaign is about taking back the community by improving the way it looks. He said he wants residents to “take pride in public spaces.”

“Adults can learn so much from our youngsters,” Perez said.  Police Chief Daryl Roberts said the campaign piggybacks on the city’s quality of life enforcement.

At least three of the youngsters involved in creating the public service announcement in April were at City Hall Tuesday to help unveil the new billboards. Most of the youth involved in creating the public service announcement are part of the Hartford Police Department’s Truancy Program.

Police spokeswoman Nancy Mulroy said thanks to a grant from Travelers the city was able to expand its truancy outreach from 100 to 200 kids this year.

For more information about the Truancy Program or the anti-litter campaign visit the Hartford Police Department Web site.