Rapper 50 Cent, also known as Curtis James Jackson III, is suing the mother of his son in Hartford Superior Court for comments she made to gossip tabloids after her home in an upscale New York neighborhood was burned to the ground this May.

In this lawsuit filed Friday, Jackson’s attorney alleges that Shaniqua Tompkins told the media that 50 Cent attempted to kill her and their son, Marquise, by burning down the Dix Hills home where they lived. “Just hours after the fire had destroyed the home, defendant stood outside the ruins of the home and dramatically informed members of the press that: ‘[Plaintiff] tried to kill me and his own child. I know this came from 50 Cent. I know he did it.’”

Jackson’s attorney said Tompkins knew Jackson “was in Louisiana filming a movie at the time of the incident,” and that all of her statements “are utterly and completely false.”

Jackson’s attorney claims the damages suffered by 50 Cent are believed to be no less than $20 million. Jackson also is seeking a permanent injunction against Tompkins restraining her from “republishing, repeating, distributing, and otherwise disseminating the defamatory statements and the accusations that plaintiff was involved in burning down the home or attempting to kill family members, including his son.”

The lawsuit starts by pointing out, “Romantic relationships often end bitterly. However, having been in a failed relationship does not give one license to gossip to tabloids and make defamatory statements to the press about a former boyfriend or girlfriend.”