CTNJ file photo
Speaker James Amann and Heidi Voight at a 2007 press conference (CTNJ file photo)

The New Haven County Marshals Association will endorse Speaker of the House James Amann of Milford for his 2010 gubernatorial bid today at City Hall Café in Waterbury.

“Speaker Amann always listens to our concerns whether it relates to us as a profession or the resources we need to do our job,” Howard Marshall, president of the association, said in a press release. “As Governor, we know we can count on Jim Amann to be fair and decisive as tough decisions must be made.”

Later on this evening the Milford Democratic Town Committee will nominate a candidate to run for Amann’s seat. Amann announced in April that he would not be seeking re-election to his 118th House District seat. Heidi Voight, the former Miss Connecticut, has announced she is interested in the nomination. It’s unclear if she will be challenged for the nomination.

In 2007, Voight, 25, spent some time in Hartford pushing for legislation for victims of sexual and domestic violence. Voight was behind the successful campaign to get the legislature to pass a bill that allows hospitals to administer Plan B, emergency contraception, to rape victims.

Independent candidate Rocco Frank Jr. was the first to announce his intention to run for the 118th House District seat.

Frank, who has many strong ties to the Republican party, said he wants people to back him because he has “good ideas” not because of party politics, which is one reason why he’s running without the help of a party.