Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (prod00770201.jpg)

Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy announced Thursday that this year’s keynote speaker for the Prescott Bush Awards Dinner is Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota.

“We are honored to have Gov. Tim Pawlenty come to Connecticut to celebrate 30 years of the Prescott Bush Awards Dinner,” said Healy, in a press release. “Gov. Pawlenty is one of the most talked about ‘up and coming stars’ in our party and we are excited to have him here in Connecticut.”

Currently serving his second term as Governor of Minnesota, Governor Pawlenty is the National Co-Chairman of Senator John McCain’s Presidential campaign and has been mentioned as a likely Vice Presidential running mate with Senator McCain.

“This is a critical year for Connecticut,” said Healy. “No matter who the Democratic nominee is Republicans are energized, united and ready to elect John McCain, President in November.”

The annual Republican fundraiser will be held on Friday, June 27th details on location and time will follow.

Democrats held their annual Jefferson Jackson Bailey fundraiser in April. Congressman Joe Biden was the keynote speaker at that event.