Gale Courey Toensing photo
Harold Burbank II (Gale Courey Toensing photo)

CANTON, Conn. – For voters in Connecticut’s Fifth District who are appalled by the Republicans’ disastrous foreign policies, and disillusioned by the Democrats’ broken promises to fix them, the November 2008 elections will offer a third choice.

Harold Burbank II is running for Congress as the Green Party candidate for Congress, challenging first-term incumbent Democrat Chris Murphy and Republican state Sen. David Cappiello.

Burbank, a human rights attorney, has never worked for a corporation. He has an impressive record of public service in government, in international relations and law, and in the peace movement for over 30 years. It is this experience in justice work and what Burbank calls this “critical moment in history” that drove his decision to run for the Fifth District congressional seat.

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