Christine Stuart photo
Speaker of the House James Amann turns to talk to Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero (Christine Stuart photo)

Late Tuesday night after the House recessed for the day, Speaker of the House James Amann, D-Milford, lingered on the dais.

With a budget deal in place getting bills passed has become increasingly difficult and has many rank-and-file lawmakers frustrated with the lack of action. When asked by a reporter why lawmakers should even come in Wednesday, Amann laughed.

“We did get a few bills done,” he said. “There are still some important things worth fighting for.” On the agenda in the House Wednesday is Paid Sick Days and Ethics Reform part deux.

Amann said he hopes lawmakers can sneak a few bills out here and there throughout the day. “And it’s my last day,” Amann said. To the surprise of many Amann announced last month that he wasn’t seeking re-election next year, so Wednesday will be his last day as Speaker of the House. “I just want to soak it all in,” Amann said.