Christine Stuart photo
Rep. Chris Caruso holds the "The Art of Politics" (Christine Stuart photo )

Not everything that happens at the legislature is serious. Rep. Chris Caruso, D-Bridgeport, showed off this gift from Rep. Diana Urban, D-North Stonington. The Buddha in front of the sign is a piggy bank.

The sign he is holding reads as follows:

You are a Republican and Chris Caruso gets you mad…25 cents

You are a Democrat and Chris Caruso gets you mad…50 cents

Caruso kills your bill because you don’t like campaign finance reform…$1.50

Caruso kills your bill for no apparent reason….$1

You kill your own bill because you think he’s going to do it and you beat him to it…$2

You get confused debating your bill with him that you accidentally vote No…$3

You kill someone else’s bill that Caruso wanted thereby killing your own bill because it is just…well…easier…$5

You kill your own bill because he has you so confused its the easiest way out…$10

You have not been summoned but need to talk to him about your bill anyway…priceless