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The House is set to privately caucus the Paid Sick Days bill and casino smoking ban Tuesday one day before the legislative session adjourns. Both bills have already passed the Senate and may be brought up in the House on the final day of the legislative session Wednesday.

Also of note is the real estate conveyance tax, which is scheduled to sunset on July 1, if no action is taken. The Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee voted to continue the conveyance tax levied on people when they sell their homes long before Democratic leaders and Gov. M. Jodi Rell agreed to stick with last year’s budget. Traditionally the conveyance tax would be something negotiated with the budget, however, since there are no budget negotiations extending the tax becomes more difficult.

The real estate conveyance tax raises about $40 million for cities and towns statewide. If Democrats in the House try to bring the bill out on the floor, it’s more than possible that Republicans would try to attach their alternative budget proposal to it making for a lengthy debate with little time left on the clock.