CTNJ file photo
Urania Petit gives Senator Prague an applegram as part of the paid sick days campaign (CTNJ file photo)

A few Republicans prepared to drag out the debate with a number of amendments Wednesday night, so proponents of the Paid Sick Days bill put the debate on hold until late Thursday night when they were able to find enough bipartisan support to pass the measure 20 to 16.

The bill allows employees to earn one hour of sick time for every forty hours worked and limits the number of paid sick days to 6.5 days per year. Employees could use those paid sick days to take care of themselves or a child in the event of illness. The new language limits the policy to employers with 50 or more employees.

The bill now goes to the House for a vote, but several legislators in that chamber are not optimistic it will come up for a vote. Last year the bill passed the Senate and died on the House calendar.