Christine Stuart photo
U.S. Senator Chris Dodd (Christine Stuart photo)

U.S. Senator Chris Dodd made a visit to the state Capitol Friday afternoon to talk about his credit card accountability act. Dodd’s press conference on credit cards was followed by a question and answer segment with the media about the presidential race.

Dodd, once a presidential candidate himself, announced his support for Sen. Barack Obama several weeks after exiting the race himself. Friday he was asked if he would accept a cabinet position if his candidate won the presidential race.

“Of course you consider it,” he said. However, Dodd said it would have to be “a pretty significant offer.” He said he considered himself a lot more reluctant than most to accept a cabinet position because he is only one seat away from chairing the Foreign Relations Subcommittee and is currently Chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee where he has a significant hand in crafting public policy.

What does he think about the tenor of the Democratic presidential primary between Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton?

“It’s getting a little bitter and nasty,” he said. But if Democrats are able to unite around one candidate sooner rather than later then they’ll be able to beat Republican Sen. John McCain in November.

He said polls that show Clinton and Obama in a close contest during the first week of May or even June don’t worry him, but “I don’t like where it’s headed.” He said he worries that if the contest drags into late August, then by that time staff and supporters will have a harder time coming together for the good of the party.