The legislative intern that made some wild accusations about legislators last week during a public forum is no longer wandering the halls of the state Capitol in his infamous fedora.

Rep. Kathy Tallarita, D-Enfield, who heads the internship program, said Thursday afternoon that the intern, Michael Marsulo, asked to finish up the program early because he wasn’t feeling comfortable.

She said he finished most of his requirements and the only thing he has left to do is finish his paper on the internship.

Once the paper is handed in it will be graded and added to his current grade, which at the moment is a B, Tallarita said. Whether the community college decides to give Marsulo credit for the internship is up to the school. “The internship program is just an extension of the classroom,” she said.

According to sources at the Capitol, Marsulo asked to wear his fedora Tuesday in the intern program’s group photo with Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell. It’s unclear whether she agreed or not, but in the end he put it on.

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