After Gov. M. Jodi Rell promised to give the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority $3 million to pay for the closure of the Hartford landfill, the board of directors was able to call a teleconference earlier this week and lower its 2009 tipping fee from $76 per ton to $72 per ton.

Last week CRRA’s board had raised the tip fee to $76 per ton, which represented a 10 percent increase for the 70 member towns that are part of the Mid-Connecticut Project. The new $72 per ton tipping fee is a 4.3 percent increase over the previous $69 per ton tip fee. The increase may differ from town to town based on a court directive.

The $3 million that Rell announced would be approved by the state Bond Commission this Friday was not in the original budget passed by the CRRA board last Thursday.

“We appreciate Gov. Rell’s expediting the appropriation for helping to close the Hartford landfill,” CRRA President Thomas D. Kirk, said in a press release Wednesday. “This appropriation will benefit the City of Hartford and the other 69 cities and towns who have been using the Hartford landfill since 1988 and are responsible for its closure.”

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