Courtesy of the Senate Democrats web site
Senator Andrew McDonald pictured (Courtesy of the Senate Democrats web site)

Last year the state Senate passed a bill that would protect transgender people from discrimination, however, the bill died on the calendar in the House.

Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, told the Anti-Discrimination Coalition Wednesday, that based on the “overwhelming” bipartisan support the bill received last year it’s likely to pass this year. “For strategic reasons this bill hit a road block in the House last year,” McDonald said.

In 2007, lawmakers in four committees and the state Senate cast 80 votes in favor of the bill and only 9 votes against it, according to a flyer compiled by the Anti-Discrimination Coalition. Click here for an analysis of last year’s legislation.

McDonald said Wednesday the 2008 bill will receive a hearing in a couple weeks. The bill would give the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities the authority to investigate discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression and makes those protections explicit and uniform.

In a press release Jennifer Levi, an attorney for GLAD, said, “Transgender people face serious and pervasive discrimination. We need to clarity and consistency in Connecticut law to ensure the safety of protection of transgender people throughout the state.”