Christine Stuart photo
Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz pictured (Christine Stuart photo)

Below is a statement from Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz

“We stand on the verge of an historic election – perhaps the most important election in nearly 50 years.  Democrats in Connecticut turned out in record numbers for our primary.  More than 34,000 residents registered to vote in the 90 days leading up to Super Tuesday.  18 to 29 year olds are sending in voter registration cards by the thousand.  As the state’s chief elections official it is impossible to ignore this surge of interest and enthusiasm.”

“I am tired of skyrocketing energy costs.  I am tired of a broken health care system.  I am tired of families working more and earning less.  I am tired of a foreign policy that has alienated our allies and hardened our enemies.”

“After 8 years of failed policies and failed proposals of a failed presidency, I am ready to believe in a candidate willing to use government as a means for improving people’s lives.  I am ready for a leader that will that work across party lines and bring our country together.  I am ready for a leader that speaks to our best hopes not to our worst fears.  I am ready for a leader to pass the torch of leadership on to a new generation.”

“Senator Obama has the ability to motivate, engage, and inspire young voters not only in Connecticut but across our nation.  So it is with pride and purpose that I announce my support for Barack Obama to be my party’s nominee for President of the United States.”