CTNJ file photo
Congressman Joe Courtney pictured (CTNJ file photo)

Congressman Joe Courtney’s office displayed a responsiveness heretofore unseen in Connecticut Congressional representation. I had a noon deadline for a story today, and I needed some information from the Congressman’s office.

After years of dealing with the dead letter offices of entrenched incumbents like Joe Lieberman, Nancy Johnson and Gary Franks, who once watched a golf match on television while I tried to discuss his new book with him, I didn’t have any hope of talking to the Congressman.

I figured I had a better chance of getting the story through the legislative assistant who worked on the topic I was writing about. But the policy aide didn’t return my 9 a.m. call.

No, Brian Farber, Courtney’s spokesperson, got back to me, and said maybe he could have Courtney on the phone by 10:30. I couldn’t believe it. A Congressman, returning a call, in under two hours? In Connecticut? Is this a dream?

I was awake when my phone rang at 10:40 and it was Rep. Courtney. We spoke for about 15 minutes as he was driving down Route 2. As if I need to say it, this sets the bar very high for Congressional representatives in the future.

Anyways, Congressman Courtney and I discussed funding for youth groups like AmeriCorps and Public Allies, presidential politics, and the AFL-CIO’s number one legislative priority, the Card Check Act.

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