Christine Stuart photo
Senator Chris Dodd pictured (Christine Stuart photo)

Before a press conference at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford Monday morning, U.S. Senator Chris Dodd said he isn’t choosing sides in the presidential contest, just yet.

While some of his Congressional colleagues, like Reps. John Larson, Rosa DeLauro, Chris Murphy, have announced their support for Illinois Senator Barack Obama, Dodd remained mum Monday on whether he will support Mr. Obama or New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

“At some point it’s a possibility,” Dodd said regarding his decision to support one candidate over the other, however, just getting out of the presidential race himself more than a month ago, he’s taking his time.

Dodd said it’s going to be a close race and there’s a possibility it will be decided at the Democratic convention in August. He said if it does get down to the convention, he hopes “it doesn’t become so acrimonious it hurts our candidate’s chances in November.”

As one of the 12 superdelegates from Connecticut, there will come a time when Dodd will have to choose sides. Unlike pledged delegates secured through a primary, superdelegates can vote for either of the candidates. When asked if thought the superdelegates may stray from what the voters want, “I don’t worry too much about superdelegates going off in an entirely different direction than their constituents,” Dodd said.

So far six of Connecticut’s superdelegates have announced their support for Mr. Obama, while one has announced their support for Mrs. Clinton.

Some are already speculating the Democratic convention may come down to the superdelegates.