Click the play arrow to see some of the protest and hear Jon Green talk about why they were there.

A group of close to 50 protestors stood outside Aetna’s headquarters on Farmington Avenue in Hartford Thursday afternoon shouting, “Health care can’t be bought and sold. Aetna leaves us in the cold!” And “Hey Aetna, we won’t let ya make your bucks while health care sucks!”

Aetna announced Thursday that its fourth-quarter profits rose 3 percent and its net income grew to $448.4 million. This is the fifth time protestors stood outside the health care giant’s headquarters to protest its quarterly profits. It began the protests last February.

“You know something is wrong with our health care system when one insurance company’s profits could buy more than five hours of non-stop Super Bowl advertising time, or pay the salaries of the Giants and the Patriots for the past two years,” Jon Green, executive director of the Working Families Party said.