Christine Stuart photo
Congressman John Conyers, pictured (Christine Stuart photo)

With little less than six hours of planning, Michigan Congressman John Conyers stopped by the University of Connecticut Law School Thursday to stump for a man with far less experience than his own.

Conyers, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee and is serving his 21st term in Congress, told an audience of about 40 people that he remembers when he was running for his first term and was waiting for Dr. Martin Luther King’s endorsement. “Finally the magic happened,” Conyers said. He said he won his first election by 128 votes after a recount.

Conyers is returning the favor by endorsing Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s presidential bid.

“The idea of governance is all about velocity…it’s also about ideas,” Conyers said. He said when Mr. Obama came to ask him what he thought about a presidential campaign, “I never thought he’d go straight to the top.” He said at first campaigning for the 46-year-old was fun, “now it’s awesome.”

He said what it comes down to is “What kind of America do you want? What kind of world do you want America to be in?” He said this election is “about who should get the most powerful position on earth.”

Conyers said he respects both Hillary and Bill Clinton, but “is experience so profound we can’t risk it?”

He said “Barack Obama has intellect and charisma that can make people believe we can save this country.”

Mr. Obama’s wife Michelle visited Stamford Wednesday and Mr. Obama is expected to make an appearance in Hartford on Monday. Conyers will continue to stump for Mr. Obama in New Haven Thursday evening.

Connecticut Congressmen John Larson and Chris Murphy also endorsed Mr. Obama today.

Hillary Clinton is expected to visit the state again before the Feb. 5 primary. Mrs. Clinton held a town hall meeting in Hartford on Monday.