Dana Neves, the news director of WFSB-TV, wants to remove the station’s call letters from a promotional video in which Duby McDowell portrays herself as the station’s political analyst when she’s actually a hired public relations agent paid to ask questions about her clients’ work.

Neves reported as much to two Branford residents who had complained about a video airing on public access television featuring McDowell, a former WFSB reporter turned p.r. agent and occasional on-air “analyst.”

McDowell produced the 30-minute promotional video, called “New England Estates v. the Town of Branford”, for the law firm of Shipman & Goodman. It features Tim Hollister and Jim Bergenn, partners at the firm, talking about the whopping $12.4 million jury they won against the town for taking 77 acres of land on Tabor Drive by eminent domain.

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