Christine Stuart photo
Richard Blumenthal, pictured (Christine Stuart photo)

At a brief news conference on the steps of the state Capitol, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal endorsed New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid Thursday afternoon.

Blumenthal who has known Mrs. Clinton for about 35 years said he spent more time with her in the law library than her husband, former president Bill Clinton, ever did. When asked by Channel 8’s Mark Davis if he ever dated Mrs. Clinton, Blumenthal joked he was too scared to ask her out.

Blumenthal said he supports Mrs. Clinton because she has the experience and conviction to turn around the economy and the nation’s energy policy. He said a Clinton White House would reverse the Bush administrations “unconstitutional policies like ‘No Child Left Behind’.” He said she would also stop the liquefied natural gas terminal known as Broadwater. “Finally, she will bring us together as a people.”

Yesterday, Senate President Donald Williams and US Senate candidate Ned Lamont endorsed Mrs. Clinton’s top competitor, Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Click here to read that report.