A group of about 20 Barack Obama supporters, a handful who had just returned to Connecticut from the Granite state, gathered at Coach’s in Hartford Tuesday to watch a race that was still too close to call, an hour after the polls closed.

Attorney John Kardaras, who had just returned from campaigning in Keene and Nelson New Hampshire, said he thinks Obama is the best opportunity in this generation to get beyond the traditional left and right debate. “He’s a uniter,” Kardaras said.

Steve Wilmarth of Westbrook who runs the web site www.ctobama.org, said his group has been sending 150 Connecticut volunteers up to New Hampshire for the last four weeks to work on the campaign. He said “these are all first time volunteers and in most cases first time voters.”

Senate President Donald Williams of Brooklyn tired to poll his senate colleagues to find out who they will support Feb. 5, but without much success. He said the few folks he was able to speak with were still uncommitted. Williams, who traveled to Iowa to campaign for Chris Dodd, said now that Dodd is out of the race, his loyalty is with Obama.

Wilmarth speculated that if he was forced to choose, Dodd would support Obama over Hillary Clinton.

But Clinton’s support amongst the Democratic base in the state is pretty strong.

A letter from the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee Chair supporting Clinton was posted on MyLeftNutmeg Tuesday. The letter promoting the first ‘Get Out The Vote’ meeting Saturday for camp Clinton, says: “Not only has Hillary Clinton demonstrated her commitment to Democratic values such as healthcare for all, child welfare, women’s rights, workers, poverty, Aids and global warming, she has consistently challenged Republican attacks on our reputation in the world, our Constitution and our rights.”

Wilmarth said while door knocking in New Hampshire he came across Clinton, Obama, and John Edwards supporters. He said the Clinton supporters were “soft” about their support for her, while Obama supporters were more enthusiastic about their candidate.

Brian Anderson, a spokesman for AFSCME Council 4, said his heart is still with Edwards, but if the race is between Clinton and Obama, he’s going with Obama.

Find out who else in Connecticut supports Obama this Saturday at the first “Get Out The Vote” meeting at Yale University, African American Cultural Center, 211 Park St. , New Haven. The meeting starts at 9:30 a.m. and those planning on attending are asked to sign up at www.ct.barackobama.com.