Christine Stuart photo
Melissa Ryan, aka Caffeinated Geek Girl, pictured (Christine Stuart photo)

Known online as CGG, which is Caffeinated Geek Girl for short, Melissa Ryan is leaving the Nutmeg State for a job with Act Blue in Massachusetts.

For those unfamiliar with the blogosphere, Ryan is probably the most prolific liberal blogger on She also blogs on MyLeftNutmeg and MyDD.

Keep reading to find out what her friends and enemies had to say about Ryan’s blogging.

In the comment section of Ryan’s last post fellow blogger and friend, Maura Keaney, writes, “One of your most amazing traits as a role model for other bloggers and political activists (regardless of ideology) is that you exemplify the best in political blogging: you’re NOT an armchair pundit whose political engagement exists only of ranting through your keyboard from the comfort of your basement.”

Founder of CTLP, Chris Bigelow, aka Genghis Conn, writes, “One of the best decisions I ever made about this site was bringing you on board, Melissa. Without your incredible drive, focus and commitment, CTLP would never have become what it is today.”

Even the Republicans who commented on her departure had nice things to say about Ryan. Disgruntled_Republican writes, “Best of luck to you! And I’m still here if you need me as a ‘friend, sounding board, and devil’s advocate’. Especially a devil’s advocate. LOL”

It will take some time to fill the void left by Ryan, but she consoled friends and fellow bloggers Wednesday by telling them in her new role as Act Blue’s netroots coordinator she will be helping their candidates raise money online. And it’s possible, she will be back in Connecticut soon if she’s called to testify in that pesky little $100 million lawsuit, in which she was named as a defendant along with a handful of other bloggers.

In the meantime, she will be missed.

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