U.S. Senators Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman bragged about the $68 million in pork-barrel spending they were able to bring home to Connecticut in a joint press release Thursday.

Here is a list of projects and their associated dollar amounts:

•      $300,000 to the Connecticut oyster fisheries study at Southern Connecticut State University
•      $316,000 to the New England Center for Invasive Plants at UCONN
•      $430,000 to the Food Marketing Policy Center at UCONN

Keep reading. It’s a long list.

•      $150,000 to a bioenergy research program at UCONN
•      $357,000 to Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Grafton, Massachusetts, for the improvement of farming, marketing and conservation practices of participating farmers in northeast Connecticut
•      $1,883,000 to the University of Connecticut at Storrs, Connecticut, for facility construction activities associated with the Center for Excellence of Vaccine Research

Commerce Science Justice
•      $401,850 to an advanced undersea vehicle for mapping sonar at the Institute for Exploration at Mystic Aquarium
•      $470,000 to the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science Cold Case Center at University of New Haven
•      $223,250 to the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science at the University of New Haven for the development of the National Forensic Crisis Management and Investigation Center
•      $282,000 to the Sea Research Foundation after school program for at risk youth at the Mystic Aquarium
•      $223,250 to the City of Bridgeport for the purchase and installation of six wireless surveillance cameras
•      $1,316,000 to the City of Norwalk for public safety radio system
•      $223,250 to the City of Norwalk for interoperability equipment
•      $94,000 to the City of Stamford for first responder communications project
•      $1,950,000 to Hartford, CT for public safety equipment purchase
•      $376,000 to the New Haven, CT Police Department for the gunshot locator system
•      $352,500 to Southington, CT for the police mobile command post
•      $223,250 to the Town of Windham, CT for equipment upgrades at the public safety complex
•      $312,550 to Bridgeport, CT for an after school and summer youth program
•      $312,550 to the City of Hartford program to provide summer employment opportunities and job training for teens
•      $446,500 to the Courage to Speak Foundation in Fairfield, CT for drug abuse program
•      $540,000 to Klingberg Family Centers delinquency prevention initiative in New Britain, CT
•      $658,000 to the Paul and Lisa Program for campaign against sexual exploitation (Essex)
•      $133,950 to Connecticut State University program for disadvantaged high school students who want to study engineering
•      $223,250 to KidsPeace in Orefield, Pennsylvania, for the establishment of new foster care initiative in New Haven, Connecticut
•      $446,500 to the Town of Manchester, Connecticut, for the installation of equipment associated with a regional emergency communications center
•      $312,550 to the Town of Redding, Connecticut, for the establishment of a new regional emergency communications center

Energy and Water

•      $1,500,000 to the Stamford waste to energy project
•      $1,000,000 to the Connecticut Biofuels Technology Project for the development of a biofuels facility in Suffield, Connecticut
•      $750,000 to the Connecticut Energy Savings Technology Project
•      $100,000 to the Connecticut River Basin Watershed Study
•      $100,000 to the Southington water supply study
•      $190,000 to Bridgeport environmental infrastructure funding for development of dredged materials management plan
•      $4,085,000 to the Stamford Mill River Restoration
•      $750,000 to Bridgeport Harbor Dredging
•      $4,400,000 to North Cove Harbor Dredging
•      $5,700,000 to Norwalk Harbor Dredging
•      $95,000 to Patchogue River Dredging in Westbrook
•      $3,525,000 to the Army Corps of Engineers for the development of a dredging management plan for Long Island Sound along coastal Connecticut
•      $187,000 to the Army Corps of Engineers for the development of a dreading plan for Mystic Harbor in Mystic, Connecticut
•      $1,000,000 to bipolar wafer cell lithium ion battery development for cars at Electro Energy in Danbury

Financial Services

•      Women’s Business Development Center in Stamford, CT $300,000


•      $710,000 to the Stewart McKinney National Fish and Wildlife Refuge
•      $2,000,000 to the Silvio Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge
•      $4,533,000 to Long Island Sound Restoration
•      $300,000 to the Town of Enfield for sanitary sewer inflow elimination
•      $300,000 to Southington wellhead cleanup
•      $500,000 to the City of Stamford for storm water and wastewater infrastructure
•      $770,000 to Skiff Mountain Phase II
•      $500,000 to the Town of Colchester, Connecticut, for infrastructure improvements to the Flatbrook Road Booster Station

Labor HHS

•      $146,000 to the Jewish Federation of New Haven in Woodbridge for the development of a caregiver support services program
•      $195,000 to Health Access Program in Waterbury
•      $487,000 to Our Piece of the Pie in Hartford for an education and employment services program for out of school youth
•      $487,000 to Action for Bridgeport Community Development program for teaching training
•      $97,000 to Bushnell Center for the Arts education program
•      $331,000 to Klingberg Family Centers for special education enhancement initiative
•      $243,000 to Asnuntuck Community College in Enfield for manufacturing technology training program
•      $331,000 to Southern Connecticut State University for nursing education program
•      $341,000 to Bridgeport Hospital for facilities and equipment
•      $292,000 to Manchester Memorial Hospital for facilities and equipment
•      $536,000 to St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury for construction, renovation, and equipment
•      $97,000 to the Connecticut Historical Society Museum for educational programs at the Old State House in Hartford
•      $331,000 to Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies in Wethersfield, CT
•      $204,000 to Our Piece of the Pie for grandparents raising teens program
•      $243,000 to Amistad America in New Haven, Connecticut, for educational initiatives associated with the 2008 Atlantic Freedom Tour
•      $414,000 to Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut, for the installation of emergency generators


•      $13,600,000 to the Niantic Readiness Center for the Army National Guard
•      $11,900,000 to the New London Submarine Base – Waterfront Small Crafts Facility

Transportation, Housing, Urban Development

•      $3,338,400 to the New Britain-Hartford Busway
•      $250,000 to the Atlantic Rail Underpass in Stamford
•      $150,000 for Simsbury Public Library renovations
•      $234,500 to the Town of Enfield, Connecticut, for infrastructure and safety upgrades to North Main Street
•      $200,000 to the Renovation of Spruce Street Youth Center in Manchester
•      $200,000 to Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA) blight removal project in Hartford
•      $200,000 to Amberbelle Mill historic renovation initiative in Vernon
•      $1,340,000 to Southeastern Connecticut Bus Rapid transit
•      $2,010,000 to the Norwich intermodal transportation center
•      $500,000 to Fall Mountain Water Road paving in Plymouth
•      $670,000 to Pedestrian Plaza improvements at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford
•      $1,340,000 to the Redevelopment of Front Street and Constitution Way in Hartford
•      $348,400 to Eisenhower Park renovation in Milford
•      $200,000 to the Children’s Home in Cromwell for redesign of residential facilities
•      $4,395,000 to the Bridgeport intermodal transportation center
•      $500,000 to a parking garage for Mansfield mixed use redevelopment project
•      $150,000 to the Norwalk Pulse Point Facility
•      $500,000 to S. Norwalk intermodal transportation facility Phase 2
•      $600,000 to the West Haven intermodal station
•      $502,500 to the Empower New Haven brownfields redevelopment initiative
•      $1,600,000 to the Town of Beacon Falls, Connecticut, for the replacement of the Depot Street bridge
•      $200,000 to the Environmental Learning Centers in Bristol, Connecticut, for facility reconstruction activities