Paul Bass photo
Amos Smith pictured (Paul Bass photo)

They burst in with Kevlar suits and guns at their sides. They demanded answers—about heating oil going to undocumented immigrants, and about politicians seeking illegal favors.

“It was scary,” Amos Smith said in his office Friday, hours after federal agents finished loading a U-Haul with five years worth of records from the Community Action Agency (CAA). Smith has run the troubled antipoverty agency for the past 16 months, trying to turn it around after more than a decade of scandals and arrests and board fights.

That effort took a hit Thursday as agents from the federal departments of Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development burst into CAA’s Whalley Avenue offices. They executed a search warrant, then stayed until 3 or 4 a.m. Friday carting away records. Boxes and boxes of them. (Click here for a story on the raid.)

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