Below is the press release from the Caruso campaign

State Rep and Bridgeport Democratic Mayoral candidate, Christopher Carsuo, is taking his case to the state Supreme Court in papers to be filed this morning,Thursday, Nov. 1,2007.

The Petitoner, Mr. Caruso, is appealing to the state’s top court to postpone the City of Bridgeport’s general election slated for this Tuesday, November 6,2007.

This postponement requests the State’s highest court to grant an instant motion pending a resolution of the instant appeal. “If the mayoral election is held on November 6 , 2007 the Plaintiff will be irreparablly harmed since he will not be the Democratic candidate or any candidate for mayor in the election.”

Caruso, the Petioner/Apellant, has has filed an appeal from the trial court’s decison denying his challenge of the Democratic party primary ,which was held on Sept. 11, 2007. The Petitioner, Mr. Caruso, in his challenge to the trial court alleged that there were approxmately twenty statutory violations by the Bridgeport Democratic Registrar of Voters which resulted in the systematic failure of a fair election process.