Before the decision on Rep. Chris Caruso’s alleged primary voter fraud was even released by Bridgeport Superior Court Judge John Blawie Wednesday the emails started pouring in. The first one was from Caruso’s primary opponent Senator William Finch, who said ““This decision is a vindication of the electoral process… I hope that Mr. Caruso will accept the will of the voters of this city once and for all and stop his negative attacks now that this ruling has been issued.”

Caruso’s campaign was the next to send an email simply stating they were “obviously disappointed in the decision.”

The next email was from the Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz who said “I look forward to reviewing the decision at length. Judge Blawie’s ruling reinforces that transparency in elections is essential for maintaining the integrity of the system. In addition, the issues raised by Representative Caruso may help identify areas where legislative improvements can be made.”

Click here to read Dan Tepfer’s article in the Connecticut Post. Tepfer was in court and had a copy of the Judge’s decision.