Allan Appel photo

Despite the presence of more than two dozen supporters, some in festive gallinaceous display, Rebecca Weiner failed to win permission to keep chickens at her house—at least for now. But the legal chicken stew is hardly done, either for Weiner or for hen-keepers all over town.

Weiner appeared before the Board of Zoning Appeals Tuesday night in response to a city inspector’s order to remove the six chickens from her yard on Willard Street, after a complaint from a neighbor. The BZA upheld the inspector’s order reading and application of the city ordinances, that chickens are indeed livestock and not pets and therefore must go. However
board members told Weiner she would not have to remove the chickens within ten days, as ordered. They in fact encouraged her to apply in the meantime for a special exception for her small flock at the November or December BZA meeting.

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