Below is a list laws that go into effect today:

An Act Concerning Compassionate Care For Victims Of Sexual Assault (PA 07-24) establishes standard-of-care requirements for licensed health care facilities providing emergency treatment to female sexual assault victims, including informing her of the availability, use and efficacy of emergency contraception. Facilities may contract with one of more independent providers to ensure compliance and conduct forensic exams of victims at the facilities.

An Act Concerning The Reporting Of Lost Or Stolen Firearms And Illegal Firearms Trafficking (PA 07-163)establishes the crime of firearms trafficking, which is defined as knowingly and intentionally giving access to one’s firearms to someone who cannot legally possess firearms. This crime is a class B or C felony depending on the number of firearms involved. This new law also requires individuals to report lost or stolen firearms, except antique firearms, within 72 of when the theft is discovered or should have been discovered.

An Act Concerning Penalties For Concealing Employment Or Other Information Related to Workers’ Compensation Premiums (PA 07-89) authorizes the state labor commissioner to issue stop-work orders to employers who fail to obtain insurance, or provide satisfactory proof of self-insurance, for workers’ compensation liability; or intends to injure, defraud or deceive their workers’ compensation insurer misrepresenting an employee as an independent contractor, or providing false, incomplete, or misleading information to the insurance company regarding the number of employees.

An Act Banning Pesticide Use On School Grounds (PA 07-168) expands a ban on applying lawn care pesticides at preschools and elementary schools to schools with students through grade eight, but allows school superintendents and other appropriate authorities to authorize emergency applications in health emergencies; extends for one year an exemption to this ban for pesticides applied according to certain integrated pest management plans; and makes the state Department of Environmental Protection responsible for administering and enforcing school pesticide applications.

An Act Establishing The Connecticut Homecare Option Program For The Elderly (PA 07-130) establishes a Connecticut Home Care Option Program for the Elderly and a Connecticut Home Care Trust Fund administered by the state comptroller. The program and the fund must help people plan and save for costs of certain elderly services that are either not covered by a long-term health insurance policy or supplement services covered by such a policy or by Medicare; and will allow them to remain in their homes or live in a non-institutionalized setting as they age.

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