This May after blogging for both MassLive and the Valley Advocate, blogger extraordinaire, Heather Brandon launched her own blog

At first the focus of the blog was Springfield, Mass., where she used to live. The good news for us in Connecticut is that Brandon recently relocated to Hartford and is beginning to cover the ‘Nutmeg’ state, in addition to Massachusetts where she still blogs for the Valley Advocate.

In an email interview Brandon said the focus of her blog has always been her city of residence. She said she uses her blog to capture the voices in the city.

“Generally I try to meet a few needs that aren’t being met by the local papers and make my blog a useful resource to help grow the city, encouraging city dwellers to feel good about where they are and connect with others thinking the same way,” Brandon said.

“I can’t pretend to have all the resources of a newsroom but I have an urban planning background that included a lot of various areas of study,” she said.

Running an independent site has given Brandon a chance to run the technology the way she wants, she said. In addition it gives her control over the site’s content and incidentally provides a forum for two struggling cities to learn from each others successes and failures.