Connecticut Local Politics, a non-partisan political blog, and a handful of bloggers who comment on the site are being sued by a Derby candidate for local office.

Mel Thompson, who wanted to run as an independent candidate for mayor in Derby, was denied an opportunity to be on ballot because the petitions he submitted were not notarized.

In the lawsuit, he alleges his civil rights were violated and “that defendants, Jason Jones, Melissa Ryan, John Doe#1 Owner of Connecticuts Smallest City Blog and John Doe#2 a.ka. Derby Conservative have published and republished malicious and defaming known falsities about the plaintiff and said publishing and republishing of said known falsities has damaged the plaintiff and reduced his standing in his community.”

Here and here are the comments regarding the local race.

In the lawsuit Thompson alleges, “a conspiracy to suppress voter turnout, voter participation and the civil rights of plaintiff by means of intimidation, harassment and purposeful manipulation of legal documents and processes that govern ballot access pursuant to state law.”

Thompson filed the lawsuit himself in Bridgeport federal court and did not retain an attorney to file it on his behalf. According to the Connecticut Post, Thompson has a law degree, but is not a member of the Connecticut Bar.

He’s suing all the defendants in the case for a total of $100 million.