Sharon Bass photo
Sen. Looney, left, Rep. Villano, middle, Rep. Crisco, right (Sharon Bass photo)

Standing under the late-morning sun in front of the old middle school where the soil is tainted, Hamden’s state delegates made their anger toward Gov. Rell’s threatened veto of the state bond package perfectly clear. And called on her to drop the notion.

“This is one of the greatest injustices to a group of people,” said state Sen. Joe Crisco (D-17 ) during a press conference, which drew about 20 Newhall area neighbors. “How can we deprive these people of peace of mind?” He was referring to the money allocated in the bonding bill for the Newhall remediation project—seven years in the making. The bill passed Sept. 20 by a party-line vote. The next day, Rell said she would veto it because of the cost to taxpayers, and has called a special session for tomorrow to discuss just school construction bonding.

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