Connecticut resident and peace activist Charlie Prewitt, one of the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project, now a prominent and respected peace activist, will address a crowd at Riverside Park in Hartford on Monday, August 6, 2007.  The ceremony begins at 7 p.m.

American Friends Service Committee, Connecticut Coalition for Peace & Justice, and No Nukes – No War will be joined by members of Connecticut’s peace, justice, human rights, nuclear abolition, and the general public at this annual event—-this year to mark the 62nd anniversary of the bombing of the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

Speakers include community leaders Rabbi Donna Berman, Executive Director of the Charter Oak Cultural Center and Frank O’Gorman, Founder and Director of People of Faith. Connecticut legislators have also been invited to participate.

In addition to a pot luck picnic preceding the speakers, there will be letter writing tables for attendees to write their state and federal representatives urging their support of a nuclear weapons ban; there will be artwork reflecting the consequences of the bombings in Japan; hundreds of paper origami paper cranes will decorate the park.

Music and “spoken word” precedes speakers;  at the closing of this event, individuals will be invited to light a candle before releasing it on a “home-made” boat, on the River, making for a poignant ending to this annual event.