Below is the text of Sen. Louis DeLuca’s press release regarding the investigation into the mafia matter

Senator Louis C. DeLuca (R-32) responded today to the Senate Leadership’s decision to create a bipartisan committee to review his actions.

“I understand and respect the Senate Leadership’s decision to create a bipartisan committee to review, as they explained to the press, all publicly available information with respect to my actions regarding a personal family matter. I trust that the Senate will proceed in a fair, responsible manner.”

“It has been mentioned that the Senate has not until now attempted to establish a process for dealing with ethics inquiries regarding its own members. I trust that now, once such a process has been established, the Senate will use it in a fair and nonpartisan manner to handle all issues regarding the ethics of its members, regardless of whom those members are or to which political party they belong.” 

“I have always been straight and up front with the press. There have been calls for my resignation, and I would like to take this opportunity to say, once again, that I am not resigning. Also, I would like to thank the many constituents and others around the state and the nation, who have called or written to express their support. Their good wishes hearten and sustain us. Beyond that, I would like to ask for your patience. For the time being, I am spending time with my family. And, in the interest, of letting the process move forward, I will have nothing further to say at this time,” said Senator DeLuca.

Senator DeLuca will not be making any further statements to the media at this time.