It’s rare I write in the first person, but I thought my readers may like to know what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks.

I’ve taken on a seasonal job with an agency called Our Piece of the Pie. The program I am teaching is called Hartford Voices.

Using an inspirational book called “My Sisters’ Voices,” by Iris Jacobs, I will help a dozen Hartford youth find their own voices and by the end of six weeks they will write their own stories and poems, which we will compile into a book.

“My Sisters’ Voices,” is a compilation of essays and poems by women of color. Jacobs solicited works from teens across the country. The books is a collection of essays and poems detailing the coming-of-age experiences of a diverse group of young women identified by name, age and ethnicity.

Channel 3 happened to cover the opening of OPP’s new center at the corner of Garden and Sargeant Streets in Hartford. Click here to watch that clip and learn more about the program, which is helping Hartford youth become successful adults.