As part of their effort to get every state legislator in the state to see Michael Moore’s new movie “Sicko” the Working Families Party has gotten at least three legislators to join them at Bowtie Cinema in Hartford Friday for a screening.

Sen. Edith Prague, Sen. Gary LeBeau, and Rep. Peter Tercyak have all agreed to see the movie at 4:10 p.m. Friday and stay afterward to answer questions.

“Healthcare reform is still a top priority for the hundreds of thousands of working people in Connecticut,” said Jon Green, director of Connecticut Working Families. “We’re not asking much from legislators today. We aren’t demanding a vote or a pledge. We’re just asking legislators to keep an open mind and see the movie.”

Connecticut Working Families has launched a website, Have You Seen Sicko, to track the number of legislators in Connecticut who’ve seen the movie. According to Working Families, so far 9 of the state’s 187 legislators have seen it.