"Sicko" movie poster

The Working Families Party has started a web site that tallies the number of state legislators who have seen “Sicko,” Michael Moore’s documentary film about the health care crisis in America.

The grand total Monday was two: Rep. David McCluskey, D-West Hartford and Rep. Elissa Wright, D-Noank. The number of legislators who haven’t seen the movie is 185.

The web site http://haveyouseensicko.org was started by the Working Families Party because, “This year, politicians of all stripes promised to deliver on healthcare reform. It was a top priority for unions, small businesses, and hundreds of thousands of people in the state,” Jon Green, executive director, writes on the web site.

“Michael Moore’s film Sicko gives us in a great opportunity to remind our legislators that there is something wrong. We’ve got a broken healthcare system, and it needs fixing. Every legislator in the state has a duty to prove to the citizen’s of Connecticut that they understand the problem. That’s why we’re encouraging them to see Sicko,” Green writes.

Click here to read McCluskey’s review of the movie.